Visita a la fábrica de Danosa, líder en soluciones técnicas para la construcción sostenibles

El equipo de Nutersa visitó la fábrica Danosa, una empresa fundada hace 60 años por Manuel del Río Domínguez, un joven químico emprendedor. Desde entonces, Danosa ha sido líder en soluciones innovadoras para la construcción, cumpliendo altos estándares normativos. Fabricantes de una amplia variedad de productos diseñados para cumplir diversos requisitos técnicos en la construcción, […]

Inauguration of the new Greco Gres showroom in Molins de Rei

On February 8, Greco Gres inaugurated its new showroom located in Molins de Rei (Barcelona). It is a workspace where special attention is paid to the four brands that make up the group: Frontek, Venatto, Klinker and Argos. Its sole purpose is innovation in materials for a more sustainable life.

How to improve the comfort and thermal insulation of a house?

thermal insulation SATE system

In Spain, 82% of buildings are energy inefficient. In other words, 4 out of 5 homes achieve thermal comfort using more resources than necessary. The thermal insulation of a house is a fundamental aspect not only to improve comfort, but also to save energy consumption. Whether in [...]

Visit to Fermar's facilities in Zaragoza

On the 4th of May, our commercial director, Javier de los Mozos, visited the renovated Fermar factory in Zaragoza. The commercial director and export manager, Javier Basterra, guided us through the modern and spacious facilities, where they showed us how they work and offer the best service to the customer. In addition [...]

We bid farewell to 2021 in style

Nutersa ventilated facades

A few days before the end of 2021 we did not want to miss the opportunity to make a small balance of the year taking advantage of this digital showcase that we have had for several months now and that we have renewed with the aim of being closer to you, our suppliers and our customers. We would like to start by thanking you for [...]

Inauguration of the new JAGRUP showroom

On 23 October JAGRUP opened its new showroom located in Roses (Girona). It is a workspace that pays special attention to the display of materials used for construction and renovation. In addition, this new showroom allows to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with an open distribution and a [...]

SIKA roof waterproofing

On May 26th, a training course on Sika's Liquid Membrane Roof Waterproofing Systems (LAM) was held at Sika's training centre located in Les Franqueses del Vallès (Barcelona). In this case, it was a cordial, pleasant and fun day, as well as didactic, between colleagues [...]

What is the SATE and why we recommend it in Nutersa

SATE insulation

The SATE system (Exterior Thermal Insulation System) is used to thermally and acoustically insulate a façade from the outside. This system has great advantages from the point of view of energy saving, environmental and also comfort, so it is a system widely used both in new construction and in renovation, as well as in the construction of new buildings.

The Sikatherm brand, by Toni Martos of SIKA Spain

Toni Martos from Sika

Today we give our space to Toni Martos, Target Market Manager of Facades for Sika Spain, who talks to us about Sikatherm, the advantages of this system and why it is a good investment. Sikatherm is a sustainable, environmentally friendly construction solution that minimises energy losses in buildings. What is Sikatherm and why is it a good investment?

SIKA SATE Insulation System

SATE Insulation System

On 20 November we held our own Blue Friday at the Nutersa facilities, a meeting between colleagues in the profession dedicated to strengthening ties and allowing new proposals and collaborations to flow. In this case, it was a different, fun and productive day. Among friends, we had the opportunity to combine fun and prescription. […]