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Specialised systems for ventilated facades

The ventilated façade is a specialised façade cladding system that provides the building with an optimal level of thermal and acoustic insulation. Durable and resistant insulating materials are necessary for the realisation of this type of system. We are distributors of FRONTEK. 

From Nutersa we offer to the industrialist the necessary material for the rehabilitation of facades. The best insulation for the ventilated facade is rock wool. 

What is a ventilated facade and what are its benefits?

Layers of a ventilated facade

A ventilated facade stands out for its high aesthetic component that beautifies the building but this is not its main utility. A ventilated facade is a construction method of exterior enclosure that consists of cladding the exterior of a building to improve thermal and acoustic insulation and save energy.

The operation of the ventilated facade is relatively simple, the system is composed of an inner leaf, an insulating layer, an air chamber and an outer leaf that is fixed with a structure of anchors.

The main characteristic of the ceramic facade is that it has an air chamber between the insulation layer and the exterior cladding.

Ventilated facades are an environmentally responsible technical construction solution that brings multiple advantages to a building:

Provides high thermal insulation

The ventilated facade has multiple benefits, one of the most important of which is that the external structure of the ventilated facade insulates the building against external inclemencies and conserves the interior heat during the winter months.

In summer it is very useful to have a ventilated facade, since the air chamber generates a continuous current so that the hot or cold air from outside is dissipated and does not reach the interior of the building. 

Installing a façade cladding is turning your building into a sustainable building since the ventilated façade allows energy savings of 30-40%. 

Extends the life of the facade

This type of cladding extends the life of a facade since the permanent ventilation of the air chamber increases the durability of the exterior cladding materials of facades and walls.

Easy to install and maintain

The ventilated facade is a clean, fast and easy to maintain system.

Porcelain tiles such as Frontek have a honeycomb system giving the tiles a firm structure while significantly reducing their weight. 

The installation of a ventilated façade is done from the outside of the façade, so if at any time maintenance tasks need to be carried out, it does not affect the inhabitants.

The ventilated facade is not only for new buildings, but can also be used in renovations.

ceramic ventilated facade

Quality sound insulation

If you suffer from noise problems in your community, installing a ceramic ventilated facade can be a great option to consider. The outer cladding layer of the ventilated facade absorbs part of the sound waves of the ambient noise and the noise that passes through the wall is minimal. Ventilated facades reduce noise pollution by 10 to 20%.

Goodbye to dampness

The materials that make up a ventilated facade do not absorb moisture from the outside and always remain dry. Water infiltrations that could seep between the joints of the panels are eliminated thanks to the continuous air circulation in the air chamber.

Revaluation of the property

Having a ventilated facade is an investment for the future, in addition to all the benefits of its installation in the present. It is estimated that the value of real estate rises by an average of 25%, once the rehabilitation has been carried out.

Nutersa, official FRONTEK distributors

We offer all the necessary materials for the rehabilitation of facades and the installation of ventilated facades. We are distributors of Frontek, porcelain tiles designed for exterior facade cladding by fixing to a metal substructure by means of anchors. 

Among the various FRONTEK installation systems we highlight the System Plus and System Super Plus façade systems. In Nutersa we will advise you about the most suitable materials for your project and the execution of the ventilated facade. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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