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We have technical mortars based on special cements and resins with specific characteristics for different applications such as the repair or waterproofing of surfaces.

This type of mortar offers specific performance formulated exclusively to increase its strength and durability in concrete repair, facade insulation or waterproofing of roofs.

What is technical mortar?

Technical mortars are high performance products. They have special properties, thanks to their components, which allow the solution of specific situations in both new construction and rehabilitation.

According to their characteristics and scope of application, we can differentiate the following types:

Adhesive Mortars



Adhesive mortars provide the specific solution for fixing different elements. Commonly used in wall and floor coverings with decorative finishing pieces. Mainly ceramic composites, such as tiles or slabs. The adhesive mortar ensures long-lasting adhesion, resistant to humidity and temperature changes, as well as great flexibility depending on its classification.

In the systems SATE it is essential to use a specific adhesive mortar to guarantee correct adhesion and fixation of the insulating panels. This mortar has been specially developed for SATE, offering high adhesion and mechanical resistance, as well as great flexibility and low thermal conductivity.

Repair mortars:

Repair mortars are used to solve concrete deterioration problems due to corrosion caused by the passage of time. They are premixed mortars based on cement, aggregates and specific additives, which provide these products with high adherence and strength as well as low shrinkage and fast setting.

According to their classification we find non-structural repair mortars (R1 or R2) for the protection and aesthetic restoration of concrete. And structural repair mortars (R3 or R4) that restore the integrity and durability of the structure.

SikaRep 2400_25kg
SikaMonotop 4012 EN_1


Passivation is a chemical reaction that occurs when the base material (steel) comes into contact with the protective material (passivator). During the passivation process, the steel spontaneously forms a surface that is chemically inactive to corrosive agents (air, humidity,...). 


glo-Sika-MonoTop-910S-00627553 (2)

A reinforcement passivator helps to maintain the integrity of the concrete, stabilizing the metal structures from rust and protecting them against future adverse physical and chemical conditions.

Joint bridges:

Sika top 50

A bonding bridge is a product whose purpose is to improve the adhesion of mortar or other coating on a critical substrate, in order to provide it with a protective covering layer. It is a special primer that provides solidity, consistency and safety to the surfaces in question.

It should be noted that the surfaces to be treated should be as dry and clean as possible at the time of correct application.

Waterproofing mortars:

Waterproofing mortars are specially formulated to prevent the passage of water and protect concrete structures, as well as to create decks and other structures exposed to the elements. 


Waterproof cementitious mortars are used to prevent the passage of water through the structure, either from the inside to the outside or from the outside to the inside. There are different types of waterproofing systems with different degrees of performance, depending on the requirements demanded. Thus we find flexible, semi-flexible, monocomponent, bicomponent, thin layer, thick layer, crystallization, sulforesistant,... waterproof mortars, with certificate of potability and manual or spray application.

Lightweight mortars:

Lightweight mortars and concretes are an optimal solution for the formation of constructive structures when there is a limitation of the weight to be supported.


Lightweight mortar CemMini is bagged and premixed with an expanded clay base, which gives it a lower density that translates into a reduction of up to 75% of the loads.

Lightweight concrete Beton 1400 with a density of 1400 Kg/mᶟ and a compressive strength of 25 MPa, becomes structural concrete. They are very useful products in rehabilitation and new construction. In addition, thanks to their low thermal conductivity, they provide thermal and acoustic insulation and prevent thermal bridges in the building envelope.

Latermix Cem Mini Sack (1)
beton 1400

Nutersa specializes in the marketing and advice of technical mortars to provide solutions to the construction and rehabilitation of buildings. We are specialist in the building envelope. If you need more information about technical mortars, please do not hesitate to contact us..

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