Inauguration of the new Greco Gres showroom in Molins de Rei

On February 8, Greco Gres inaugurated its new showroom located in Molins de Rei (Barcelona). It is a work space where special attention is paid to the four brands that make up the group: Frontek, Venatto, Klinker and Argos. Its sole purpose is innovation in materials for a more comfortable and quality life. In addition, this new showroom creates a welcoming atmosphere, thanks to its open and flexible layout. 

Greco Gres has a long ceramic tradition in the construction sector. They started with a factory in Alameda de la Sagra (Toledo) in 1940 and currently distribute their materials all over the world. They have been working in this sector for more than 80 years and have become a benchmark in the manufacture of extruded porcelain tiles. 

During the inauguration, Joan Marc Marzal, Commercial Director of Greco Gres shared the company's future plans towards efficient and sustainable construction with its products. Therefore, during the event, they explained in detail what Frontek ventilated facades are, emphasizing their advantages and benefits. 

Frontek ventilated facades: what are they and their advantages?

From Nutersa we are official distributors of Frontek and we offer to the industrialist the necessary material for the rehabilitation of facades. The ventilated facades are a type of exterior enclosure system that is characterized by including an air space between the cladding and the wall of the building. The air space is created by installing a durable insulating material that allows air to circulate between the two panels. This system provides the building with an optimal level of thermal and acoustic insulation. In addition, it allows air circulation behind the facade, which improves the building's ventilation. 

Frontek is an exclusive extruded porcelain tile with high hardness, lightness, high strength and durability, low water absorption, good weather and environmental performance, and a wide range of aesthetic options. They are ideal for facade cladding and their exclusive honeycomb system reduces weight, increases versatility, improves energy efficiency and reduces energy costs. In addition, they require low maintenance and are resistant to abrasion, scratches and stains. 

Nutersa, official distributors of Frontek

We have been working with Greco Gres for many years, so from Nutersa we invite you to visit their new showroom in Molins de Rei. If you need any kind of integral solution in the field of construction and ventilated facades, do not hesitate to contact us and our team will give you the advice you need.

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