We bid farewell to 2021 in style

With just a few days to go before the end of 2021, we didn't want to miss the opportunity to take stock of the year by taking advantage of this digital showcase that we have had for several months now and that we are renewing with the aim of being closer to you, our suppliers and our customers. We wanted to start by thanking you for being here with us for another year, celebrating and making all this possible. 

Our objectives and projects for 2022

Looking ahead to the year that is about to begin, we can only be optimistic. We don't know what 2022 has in store for us, but we are convinced that it will be a year of hard work, as always as a team, and with the quality we are accustomed to. Just as we have been doing for more than 20 years

We have a promising future ahead of us, with novelties that we cannot yet tell you about, but which we are sure will be very well received by our customers, with the same warmth with which they have always received us. 

Energy efficiency plans

We hope that this will be the year that businesses and individuals alike give more importance to an aspect that has become a little more apparent in recent years: the importance of energy efficiency and how good insulation can help households and institutions to make a change and become more sustainable. 

In addition, we must not forget that the quality of the insulation of the building has a direct effect on the energy consumption of the building, achieving savings in resources such as heating or air conditioning. That is why in Nutersa we put so much focus on the rehabilitation of the facades, as we believe it is essential to make these improvements available to everyone. 

Our complements for the SATE

This year we have expanded our range of products on the website. For some months now we have had a wide range of accessories for the applicator, from specialised tools to fibreglass mesh, profiles for plastering and for SATE and sleeves and rotors. 

Our intention is to continue offering the best products to our customers, always with the aim of facilitating their work, so we hope to expand our offer in 2022 with many new products that you will be able to see on our website. 

Nutersa's suppliers

As for our suppliers: once again this year we are very grateful and fortunate to be able to count on great brands such as Sika, Parex, Greco Gres or Rockwool, of which we are very proud. we are distributors. We have full confidence in their products and their excellent quality and, for this reason, we recommend them to our customers. 

For Nutersa it is essential to strengthen ties with our suppliers and customers after so long working together. For this reason, during the year we celebrate and/or attend several events, trainings, inaugurations or business lunches, since the human capital of the companies is a fundamental pillar for us. 

We would like to conclude by thanking you for your presence and wish you all the best for the festive season and the New Year, and toast to all the future projects that are still to come! Cheers and much success in 2022! 

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