How to improve the comfort and thermal insulation of a house?

In Spain, 82% of buildings are energy inefficient. In other words, 4 out of 5 homes achieve thermal comfort using more resources than necessary. The thermal insulation of a house is a fundamental aspect not only to improve comfort, but also to save energy consumption. Whether in new construction or renovation works, improving thermal insulation is not a simple matter. 

Generally, this is an important work in which the exterior surface must be insulated in order to do it well. Insulating the facade of a house from the outside is the best option, since it covers the entire facade homogeneously and avoids thermal bridges. In this way, all the thermal inertia of the building is used to maintain stable temperatures. Consequently, a reduction in energy consumption is also achieved. 

SATE system: the best thermal insulation for a house

There are several reasons why a building is energy inefficient. Among the most common are the lack of adequate exterior thermal insulation and the existence of huge thermal bridges. During the winter, cold air tends to seep into the interior through various channels. And, the summer sun heats the outer leaf of the facade and can also affect the inner leaf. As a consequence of not being well insulated, the interior temperature of the house increases. To prevent these situations, we recommend using the SATE system both in new construction projects and in the rehabilitation of facades. 

The SATE system (Exterior Thermal Insulation System) is an insulating layer placed on the exterior of a building. Its installation consists of placing an insulating material adhered to the wall, by means of adhesives and mechanical fastening. In addition, it is protected by an acrylic or mineral mortar coating with a wide variety of colors or cladding. It is mainly used for thermal and acoustic insulation of the facades of a building and is capable of reducing energy consumption by up to 70%.

Advantages of installing an ETICS system in a house

The SATE system is an easy and economical solution to rehabilitate facades and offers multiple advantages. 

  • Reduction of the building's energy consumption and economic savings. 
  • Elimination or minimization of thermal bridges in the building.
  • Improves the thermal and acoustic comfort of the house.
  • Reduced risk of condensation, molds and fungi that damage the facade.
  • Contribution to the maintenance of the facade.
  • The usable area of the dwelling is maintained, i.e., the living space is not reduced.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Fast and economical installation, since the cost of the SATE is between 30% and 50% lower than other methods.

From Nutersa we will provide you with the personalized advice you need to carry out rehabilitation tasks of facades or new construction projects with SATE system. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to request more information. 

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