Welcome to the new digital era of Nutersa

Nutersa (Nuevas Técnicas del Revestimiento S.A.) are specialist distributors of integral solutions for the rehabilitation and insulation of façades and roofs. After more than 20 years facilitating the work of the industrialist, the time has come to go further. This 2020 they have started a new stage: their digital adventure begins. 

Nutersa's digital transformation

We are in the digital era, without a doubt. After years of experience in the sector, Nutersa has uncorked a new challenge with enthusiasm and has finally taken the step towards digital transformation. Why? and, above all, why now? The road ahead is long and must be done step by step, so as not to remain on the sidelines of this great revolution and have the opportunity to strengthen ties with its suppliers, reach more industrialists and become market leaders hand in hand with their reference manufacturers. For this reason, the first step has been to renew its website.

We spoke to Sergio de los Mozos, General Manager of Nutersa and instigator of the digitalisation of the company, who told us: "This project aims to make our philosophy, our services and our specialities known to both suppliers and customers. This website is, without going any further, for them, manufacturers and industrialists.So weinvite you to take a look at it and take part, if you wish to do so".

The new project: revamping the website 

With the renewal of the website, Nutersa aims to offer its customers and suppliers a completely different concept from what they had seen now on their old page. With the new approach, design and structure, the user experience has been improved. Now, the visitor will be able to navigate easily throughout the website being clear at all times where he is going and finding answers to what he is looking for. 

The design that has been chosen for the website is fresh, current, clean and with that innovative character that defines this new stage. Anyone who enters quickly identifies the sector to which Nutersa belongs, who they are, who they work with and, above all, what can be found there. In addition, both the customer and the supplier can contact the sales team at any time and receive an answer as soon as possible. 

Nutersa website

In short, it is a website that works as a letter of introduction to their services and everything they can offer to the industrialist in a much closer, professional way and, above all, adapted to the digital era. 

Time for synergies 

The next step is quite clear: Nutersa wants to create and strengthen its industrial relations. They have been working for years with the best manufacturers in the market and their goal is to create an even bigger community. Among its main suppliers are renowned brands such as Sika, Parex, Mapei, Greco Gres or Rockwool. All of them are renowned for their quality and excellent service. 

Again, Sergio de los Mozos comments: "We believe that our work and experience in combination with a good digital positioning will bring us new win-win relationships. Our goal is to make the Nutersa brand the reference in the construction sector, cross borders and continue to grow. We are confident that this new phase will bring us closer to our new goals and provide us with new synergies for a long time to come. We areexcited to embrace the changes and to see the results that this new phase will bring us". 

If you are a manufacturer of specialised materials for the construction, rehabilitation and insulation of facades or an industrialist specialised in the sector and you also want to be part of this project, do not hesitate to contact the Nutersa team and join this new digital stage!

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