What is the SATE and why we recommend it in Nutersa

The SATE system(Exterior Thermal Insulation System) is used to thermally and acoustically insulate a façade from the outside. This system has great advantages from the point of view of energy saving, environmental and also comfort, so it is a system widely used both in new construction and rehabilitation of buildings.

From Nutersa we work with the SATE system, as it allows us to offer the industrialist solutions specially designed to provide the building with the desired thermal and acoustic insulation. Its application consists of placing an insulating material adhered to the wall usually by mixed fixing by means of adhesive and mechanical fixing. SATE insulation avoids the appearance of thermal bridges in the building, which improves the thermal inertia of the building and, consequently, also improves the habitability and comfort inside. 

Specialist SATE dealers 

At Nutersa we are specialist distributors of integral solutions for the construction, rehabilitation and insulation of facades and roofs. We have been working for more than 20 years with the best brands to offer our customers the best service.

One of the star products, of which we are specialist distributors, is the SATE system, which is used in construction to achieve the thermal (and acoustic) insulation required by the building from the outside. The SATE is used in the rehabilitation of facades and in new construction projects and provides buildings with greater energy efficiency.

Accessories and complements for the SATE system

The accessories and complements are essential to ensure a good performance of the SATE system, guaranteeing durability and correct installation on the façade. So much so that we have a wide range of meshes, fixing plugs, tools and profiles.

On the one hand, meshes play a fundamental role in corner pieces, such as PVC corner pieces, where alkali-resistant fibreglass meshes are used. They are valid for any mortar thickness and protect the horizontal and vertical angles on edges, windows and doors, helping to form perfect edges, both aligned and perpendicular. In addition, the reinforcement meshes are fibreglass meshes that are used for the reinforcement composed of the External Thermal Insulation System (SATE) and the interior or exterior rendering. 

On the other hand, we have a wide range of profiles and an assembly set with ETAG 004 certification. We also have different fixing plugs for different diameters (from 10 x 70 to 10 x 260) and other specialised tools such as trowels or trowels that are ideal for achieving the best result with impeccable finishes. 

From Nutersa we will provide you with the personalized advice you need to carry out rehabilitation tasks of facades with SATE system. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to request more information. 

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