Inauguration of the new JAGRUP showroom

On 23 October JAGRUP opened its new showroom located in Roses (Girona). It is a workspace that pays special attention to the display of materials used for construction and renovation. In addition, this new showroom creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere with an open and flexible layout, which is designed to show how they work and offer the customer the best service. 

A beautiful day that JAGRUP shared with family, friends and colleagues, including Nutersa. During the course of the inauguration event, a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of celebration was created, in which they were able to visit the new offices while chatting animatedly sharing experiences and professional experiences, while enjoying a delicious catering.

Professionalism and experience at the service of the client

During the opening day of the new offices we had a quiet chat with the owner of JAGRUP, Joan Ángel Guitart, where we were able to congratulate him on his new showroom. He explained to us how JAGRUP is a company specialised in providing comprehensive solutions to its customers, both in the field of construction and in the field of refurbishment and renovation.

JAGRUP has 15 years of experience in which it has grown to carry out more than 500 projects and has a staff of 60 professionals. This growth has been reflected in the new showroom that aims to "show our customers what we do and show them the materials we work with", as Guitart explains. In the new offices you can see a wide range of ventilated façades, real façade finishes and cladding which, according to Guitart, "have allowed us to improve the customer service and experience, making them feel part of their project and of JAGRUP".

Energy efficiency and quality of materials

The display of materials is one of the strong points of the new showroom, as it can be seen perfectly how it is committed to the quality of the materials. JAGRUP has suppliers such as SIKA, of which it is one of the leading applicators in the province of Girona. "The use of any SIKA solution in refurbishment processes or construction work is synonymous with quality and a guarantee of a professional finish", says Guitart.

The new offices also reflect JAGRUP's commitment to energy efficiency in its projects, with the use of the SATE system that allows them to thermally and acoustically insulate a façade on the outside. "Using SATE reinforces our commitment to energy efficiency as it allows us to create projects from an energy-saving, environmental and comfort point of view", explains Guitart. 

In addition, JAGRUP offers its customers its own financing system for refurbishments in the residents' associations. If you are the owner of a property, you can also benefit from the subsidies offered by the Government through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Planwhich helps with residential refurbishment and social housing.  

JAGRUP, a reliable customer for Nutersa

Undoubtedly, using SIKA's comprehensive solutions and going for energy efficiency with the use of SATE has made a big difference between the competition and JAGRUP, making them regional leaders in the sector. 

We have been working with JAGRUP for many years, so from Nutersa we invite you to visit their new offices. If you live in the province of Girona and you need any kind of integral solution in the field of reforms, rehabilitation and construction, do not hesitate to visit them and their team will give you the advice you need.

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